Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do you want an agent with too many listings?

Just read a blog about a seller looking for the agent with the most listings and I wondered why that would be an important factor in determining the value an agent brings.
Impressive to have many listings, but can and agent properly service many listings. Oh, I'm not saying that agents can't many listings (although it's questionable), but actually SERVICE them? Maybe not. Very few agents of any experience level can provide repeat-and-refer-worthy service at that level of production   and give individualized attention need to every seller and every buyer inquiring about the properties.
So, what do I mean by "service?" Well, you can bet I mean more than taking a listing agreement, hiring someone to put a sign in the yard, having the receptionist write up an inaccurate and boring MLS description, taking some awful photos, creating typo-infused home brochures and showing up six weeks later with a smile and an amendment to reduce the price.
No, I mean overseeing all the moving pieces and parts of the complicated process of preparing, marketing, selling and closing a listed property. Really caring about the outcome. Making sure your seller knows you care about the outcome. Keeping your seller informed and involved. So many other things I've written about in the past.
Many say that most of the post-signed-listing-agreement functions can be handled by a $10/hour assistant. I disagree. But that's a post for a different day.
What do YOU think?

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