Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adopt your pets!

Since the holidays are fast approaching, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone that adopting an animal from your local shelter or animal control facility will bring you more joy knowing you saved a life.  I adopted Sugar last year after my 1st dog, Stormy passed away from old age.  Sugar was at St. Johns Animal Control Pet Center and was very sick with a fever and runny nose.  They were going to put her to sleep.  She was microchipped, but didn't have current address updated.  She has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our family and gets along well with my other dogs (Shelby, Kobe, Stacey, & Molly).  All it took was 1 visit to my vet (Herschel Animal Clinic--the best) and for under $100 we were able to save her from distemper. So remember... don't contribute to the overpopulation by buying from puppy mills and spay/neuter your pets.  Save a life this holiday season!

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