Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homebuyer Tax Credit Extended and Expanded

Now that the tax credit has been extended and expanded there will be a whole new group of people that can take advantage of the great buying opportunity. This is especially true for families needing to expand into a larger home. Yes, your home may not sell for as much as it would have a few years ago, but you will also have more buying power and possibly a tax credit to help negate some of those losses. Homeowners who put large down payments or have owned their homes for over 10 years and need more room, can take advantage of this great buyers market to move up into a larger home or preferable school zone.

I can help maximize your current homes value by providing low cost solutions to make your home more marketable and sell quickly, even in this market.

Click here to see what a Realtor can do for you.  Click here to see the Homebuyer Tax Credit Changes.

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