Sunday, November 22, 2009

Successfully Sell Your Home

Here are a few tips to successfully sell your home in this tough market.

Interview Realtors and look for a Realtor that is willing to give you constructive criticism:
  • On the market condition in your area to determine the right listing price
  • Suggests low cost solutions for de-cluttering and presentation
  • Have them define for you the marketing approach they will be using

The right listing price is very important and if not set accurately you could loose the buyers that are looking and ready to purchase now. Your Realtor should take a walk thru of your home and give you an analysis of the homes appeal (good and bad) from a buyers perspective and let you walk thru the homes of your direct competition so you will be better informed.
Declutter, declutter, declutter.... I can't emphasize this enough, you want your rooms to look larger, including closets and this also allows the buyer to better picture themselves there.
Fresh paint (neutral colors) really livens up a room and gives the home a clean, fresh appearance.
Clean driveway and sidewalks and freshen up landscape by adding mulch and annuals.
Good Luck!




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